I think I need
to stop forcing
the opposites to
be together.

I think it does no
good to anyone.

I think I need to
stop forcing the
water and fire to
coexist at such close
distance because
all they do is consume
one another.

I think I need to stop
building shelters for
someone who is a
drifter, a free-lance
because he will never
be the on who’ll stay and
if I close my doors after
letting him in, then maybe
I will always be empty.

"She was water and
he was fire.”

"She was the sign of home
and he was the sign of self.”

I wrote that once.

And one moment, it felt
enough. It almost felt
like love.

But it is not.

When they collided,
smoke formed and it
manipulated their
lonely hearts into
thinking they’ve found
“the one.”

She was the moon
and she will always
belong to the Earth.

He was Mars and there
will always be a war within.

(k.d.), we wouldn’t have worked out anyway (via youngheartssgocrazy)